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Alessandra & Oliver
The beauty in simplicity

Alessandra and Oliver’s wedding was a triumph of simple elegance, ethereal beauty, and minimalist charme. They have been one of the most gentle, graceful and stylish couples I have had the pleasure to work with. 

Every aspect of the wedding was a full representation of themselves: the warm tones, the candour in the design, and the simple yet sophisticated decorations that made Tonnara di Scopello even more magical.

Celebrations, at last!

Alessandra and Oliver’s wedding took place on October 7, 2023, just when summer was officially over but still lingering in the air. It was a beautiful day graced by wonderful weather. 

Alessandra and Oliver celebrated their special day at Tonnara di Scopello, near Trapani, where 50 guests stayed for two days. On the day of, we had a total of 90 guests. 


What is special about Alessandra and Oliver is that their wedding was supposed to be held four years ago but, like many other couples, they had to push back the wedding due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Needless to say that being finally able to celebrate their love the way they had always imagined was a dream come true.  


The ceremony took place on the Tonnara’s long terrace along the sea, the white rowed seating and bright flowers were a decorative highlight. The decor was kept all white and simple so that the stunning view of Tonnara’s turquoise sea remained the main backdrop. Alessandra’s sister officiated the wedding with wonderful words for the bride and groom. A perfectly intimate celebration.


The most memorable moment of the ceremony was without a doubt the unity candle ceremony: a special ritual where the mothers of the bride and groom give both a lit candle that they will use to light up a third candle that symbolises unity and the beginning of a joint life together. A beautiful, heartfelt moment not just for the bride and groom, but for everyone present.

Alessandra and Oliver’s wedding aesthetic

Everything that was arranged for Alessandra and Oliver’s special day was done with the utmost grace, elegance, and sophistication.

Tonnara di Scopello was adorned with an all-white palette underlined with small pastel colourful accents.

The entire design was a perfect combination of summery lightness and elegant, charm vibe. What a wonderful, dreamy, and enchanting atmosphere!


On the day, Amuri was in charge of keeping things run smoothly and worry-free for the couple and their guests, who deserve to enjoy this special day to the fullest. I love to take care of the details, anticipate the couple’s needs and finally see the smile on their faces – happy that everything went the way they wanted and beyond.

Mise en place

For the mise en place, white was the predominant colour in combination with monocratic in pastel.

The wedding table’s setting included transparent vases placed at the centre of the tables filled with carnations and lilies – a reminder of the linearity and simplicity that characterised the whole wedding. The table signs on each table were designed by Oliver himself; he used a few stones from the Tonnara to hold them up – a sign of intimate connection to this place.


Plates were made of ceramic, in a stone colour, and the tableware was richly decorated.

Like the table signs, also the tableau de mariage had stones from the Tonnara to hold down the name signs. Such a thoughtful connection!

All stationery was designed with a minimalist elegance and a modern accent.

All in all, Alessandra and Oliver’s aesthetic gave a summery, timeless, and ethereal vibe throughout.

Alessandra’s wedding style

Alessandra’s flower bouquet was kept all white and made of white orchids. She was wearing a stunning wedding gown by Jesus Peiro; it featured an elegant A-line with a straight neckline and a long train. A fine and delicate chapel veil made Alessandra’s beautiful figure stand out. To complete the look, a simple hairdo and a dramatic eyeliner on her eyes, framed with a natural base and highlights. Seeing Alessandra walk down the aisle was a truly unforgettable moment!


Lights were placed in line above the tables, framing the space with a minimalist touch. Moreover, a brass band played from the welcome cocktail all the way through dinner. 

What a dream!