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Hello There!

We at Amuri, are a group of dreamers and vibrant souls united not only by strong friendship, mutual respect, and professional admiration but also by the love for our native land: Sicily.

We are travelers, fascinated by cultural diversity. We are polyglots – speaking Italian, Japanese, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Sicilian! – and we are enthusiastic experts of everything Sicilian. 

Being Sicilian, but having an international mindset, allows us to create unique business synergies and to translate our curious and positive approach to life into a reliable source of creativity. This assists you, our precious couples, to fulfil your dream of a destination wedding in Sicily.

Let’s introduce ourselves…



Hi everybody!  I'm the founder of Amuri and your events and wedding planner in Sicily! 

I'm a free spirit with an Asian soul in a Sicilian body. 

I strive to improve myself working daily on my personal and spiritual growth. I speak Japanese and several different European languages, refined by living in Japan, The UK, Australia, and Germany. I’m a true cosmopolitan but home is undoubtedly Sicily.

With an extensive background within tourism & luxury hospitality management, encompassing many years, I finally decided to combine my professional experience, my passions, and values into my own business and to step into the amazing world of destination wedding planning. I see this as a closing of the perfect circle of who and how I am.

My objective is to devote myself to this challenging world of destination weddings and to dedicate myself to what I love in life: helping others to fulfil their dreams and be happy.

What do they say about me?  “That I am charismatic and attentive, and that I respond elegantly and with enthusiasm to the challenges presented by the world of custom-made experiences.”

Share your dream with me in the confidence that I will do my very best to fulfil it.

Marta &  Dario

The right-hands of Amuri and owners of Sicilian Emotions, DMC tour operators and MICE company based in Palermo and France but operating in Sicily.

With more than 20 years of experience organizing incoming tours & incentive in Sicily, Marta and Dario’s deep knowledge about, and love for Sicily, will ensure that your event is unforgettable.


They will take care of all your travel arrangements, and design tailored activities to suit you, your family and guests - to enrich your destination weddings.


For two connoisseurs of the island like Marta and Dario, there’s no hidden place in Sicily.


Ask them the impossible and they will make it possible. This is their motto!

Marta Pottino & Dario di Falco by Sicilian emotions tour operator in Sicily

Our masseur expert & spiritual beauty advisor.


What bride-to-be doesn’t dream of being ‘her most beautiful’ on her special day? 

Hikari will take complete care of enhancing your connection with your inner beauty – besides mind and body - through yoga practices, meditation and massages; making sure you shine with all of your charm and grace on your Big Day. 


You'll love it!

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