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Destination Wedding Retreat

The wedding countdown started and the stress level increased.

45 min.      First consult on us

Wedding Retreat in Sicily by Amuri Evenst & Wedding Planner

Right before the big day, stress levels can increase hugely. So why not combine your destination wedding or elopement with a unique well-being vacation experience?


You are a princess and deserve undivided attention! Let us take you to some of the most exclusive Ayurvedic or yoga retreats in Sicily where to celebrate “the bride to be” - just the two of you or maybe together with your maids.


Here, experts will gently guide you through restorative yoga practices, delicious nourishing food, and energising massages aimed at inspiring the tranquillity and confidence that radiate from truly graceful souls.


A short escape to real sanctuaries of serenity, incredible hidden gems in Sicily, where to pamper yourself with your bridal party and closest friends before your wedding, while indulging in a holistic wellness retreat experience to be fully relaxed and glow naturally on your big day.


An additional touch to make your destination wedding in Sicily a truly unforgettable experience.

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Destination Wedding Retreat

*Service available only in specific areas of Sicily

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