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Your elopement in Sicily. Just the two of you or maybe a few closed ones.

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Wild elopement Sicily

What is an elopement?

Maybe walking down the aisle in front of many eyes makes you nervous, or maybe the thought of planning the wedding and its costs intimidates you…Whatever the reason, don’t give up on love and choose to elope instead! 

Nowadays the term "elopement" lost its original meaning and it's mainly used in its more general sense of escape or flight applied to tiny wedding - even when when performed with parental foreknowledge.

Eloping is for couples who dream of a more intimate and less stressful wedding - just the two of you or with a limited number of friends/relatives. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice any traditional aspects of a wedding if you don’t want to.

What does it mean eloping in Sicily with Amuri?

At Amuri we will be by your side to help you exchange your vows anywhere in Sicily just the way you dream of. From finding the perfect location for you to researching all the local marriage requirements and providing you with the best photographer to capture your wedding, we’re here to make your elopement unforgettable. 


Your options are endless: you are free spirits and nature lovers and you want to tie the knot in a wild location in the south-west of Sicily? You’re more of a boho couple and you dream of eloping in a lesser known Sicilian location in the middle of a desert (yes - there are deserts in Sicily!)? Or  rather you dream of saying “I do” embraced by a magical sunset and surrounded by Marsala’s salt-pans and their scenic lagoons? We can make all this happen for your elopement in Sicily.


We will help you plan remarkable memories set in the most romantic secret places in Sicily where the authentic richness of the territory reveals itself to the fullest.

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*Service available throughout the whole island of Sicily

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