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An inspirational journal of love stories

Welcome to Amuri's journal

An inspirational journal telling stories of love, beauty, and celebration. An ode to finding each other, honoring love, and celebrating together. A place where we share everything we know about our beautiful home, Sicily, and what happens behind the scenes of a wedding planner's life. A selection of stories of the people who trusted us with their special day. 

We hope you’ll find inspiration, too, and discover the beauty and magic that our home land Sicily has to offer.

Planning a destination wedding involves a great deal of work, attention to details,  [...]  Our job is to ensure that your vision comes to life just the way it was intended to.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Nowadays, weddings are not the only way to get married. [...] But what is an elopement and what does in entail? Read on to find out more.


Planning your destination wedding can be a difficult task.  [...]  5 reasons why you should plan and organize your destination wedding in Sicily.

Maioliche siciliane

You got engaged and you are now looking for the perfect spot to celebrate [...] Sicily is one of the most popular places for destination weddings thanks to its stunning variety of scenery.

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Centuries-long traditions, stunning scenery, beautiful weather, mouth-watering food   [...]  No matter how big or small you want your special day to be, it will require a lot of planning, especially if you don’t live in Sicily. 

Barbara Gravagna Wedding planner

If you’re planning to get married in Sicily, [...] We are going to give you an overview of what legal aspects you should consider when planning your wedding in Sicily.


If asked “What do wedding planners do?”, would you picture Jennifer Lopez following a wedding with a headset  [...]  they all have the same goal: make your wedding planning easier. 

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Have you decided to get married somewhere far from home,  [...] Destination weddings are truly magical. .

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