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What is a wedding planner? Wedding planning the Amuri way?

If asked “What do wedding planners do?”, would you picture Jennifer Lopez running around the city or following a wedding with a headset on like in the 2000s movie ‘The Wedding Planner’? Well, that’s a pretty good picture of what wedding planners do, but that’s not all there is. 


While there are different levels of how involved a wedding planner is, they all have the same goal: make your wedding planning smoother. From finding the right location to dealing with suppliers, a wedding planner makes sure that everything goes as planned, taking the stress out of the couple and providing the best possible experience ever — from start to finish. 

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Your destination wedding in Sicily with Amuri

We have already talked about why having a destination planner in Sicily can help make things much easier. Now, let us give you an overview of how us, Amuri, can support you. Besides being a team of experienced event organizers and travel enthusiasts, we know the market inside out and know how to guide you in making your special day one you will never forget. 


Here are a few reasons why you should consider planning your destination wedding in Sicily with Amuri.

We are by your side, always

We’ve got your back along the way — always. From the first point of contact with us, we’ll make sure that all your expectations for your destination wedding are met. We work and live in Sicily so we can conveniently tackle any issues that may arise during the planning. It’s our job to make sure that preparations run smoothly. And on the day of, we’ll be by your side to take care of everything, so that you can just focus on enjoying your celebration.

We know Sicily like the back of our hand

Sicily is our homeland. Over the years, Amuri has established itself as a successful destination wedding agency thanks to our deep knowledge of this beautiful land and its dynamics. We have local contacts that are hard to beat, allowing us to solve any hiccup along the way — fast and easily. Our network is one of a kind, built with trust and passion over time, and we’d be happy to share all of this with you.

We work tirelessly to make your dreams come true

Our years-long experience and outstanding network allow us to provide you with a wide selection of venues, locations options, and perhaps suggest something that might surprise you. We work with suppliers that have experience with international guests, and we are aware of what both sides need to make the whole experience a great one. At Amuri, no dream is too big and we’ll do our best to make it real. 

We break language and cultural barriers

A destination wedding in Sicily is a magical experience. However, it might be difficult to get your message across when you don’t speak the local language or are confronted with cultural differences. We can take care of all of this seamlessly. We were all born and raised in Sicily but have travelled the world, and we speak several languages besides Italian, including English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Sicilian. This way, we ensure that there won’t be any misunderstanding and that communication goes smoothly.

We’ll be your intermediary with suppliers

Unlike other wedding planners, with Amuri you won’t have to deal with any suppliers yourself — we will take care of everything. From finding the right supplier to negotiating prices and following up on deadlines, we oversee and execute every aspect of your destination wedding. This is a great advantage for you, as we will make sure to convey your expectations and desires the right way. And as we are based locally, we can make arrangements and solve any issue efficiently and hustle-free for you.

We make your wedding run seamlessly

Your wedding should be just as you imagined: a special day to share with your other half and loved ones. There are many details to take care of that are easily missed, especially when it comes to destination weddings. Let us take care of everything that happens behind the scenes. You should only worry about enjoying your day together and let your guests enjoy it, too.

Get in touch!

Do you need support for your wedding in Sicily? Let us help you! You can choose how much we should get involved: Scouting locations for you? Talking with local suppliers? We are here for you. Amuri can help you realise your dream wedding from start to finish. We are a team of expert wedding and event organisers whose dream is to let you experience Sicily the best way possible. Get in touch — the first consultation is on us!

First consultation is on us!

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