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Full or Partial Destination Wedding Package

Unsure of how to move forward with your destination wedding planning?

45 min.      First consult on us

Unique mini wedding in Sicily

What is a Full or Partial Wedding Package?

Maybe you have no free time or you want the least possible amount of wedding-related stress or simply your organisational skills aren't the greatest when it comes to planning. If you managed most of the wedding or elopement planning but you are unsure of how to move forward, or don't know where to start, no worries! Our full/partial wedding package is the answer to your needs!


We are here to help you plan your wedding as seamless and smooth as possible.

Whether or not you have a venue or vendor in mind, we can assist you in booking any additional professional you need for your dream day - from the venue and officiants to bridal stylists, and more. 

What does it mean booking a full/partial wedding package with Amuri?

Planning a wedding  even more a destination wedding  it’s much more than just decor. It’s more about the process and the work we do together. 

This is why we are there for you to share our knowledge. At Amuri, with a full/partial wedding package we provide you vendor referrals and negotiate contracts for you; guide you on local permits, marriage license requirements; support you budgeting so you don’t have to; schedule and attend all vendor meetings; make sure your event runs on time; manage small critical situations; function as the mediator between you and basically everyone else. 

You should be enjoying your destination wedding day or elopement, and not handling any potential logistical issues.


So, let's have a chat. Tell us what you are dreaming of, and we will be happy to be part of your vision. We will unlock our resources to take your wedding to the next level and make it happen in Sicily exactly the way you imagine it.

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Full or Partial Destination Wedding Package

*Service available throughout the whole island of Sicily

First consultation on us!

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