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Why have a destination wedding planner for your wedding in Sicily?

Centuries-long traditions, stunning scenery, beautiful weather, mouth-watering food - there are many reasons why couples choose to get married in Sicily.


No matter how big or small you want your special day to be, it will require a lot of planning, especially if you don’t live in Sicily. That is why having someone on your side who can take care of your destination wedding becomes crucial.

As each country has specific rules and customs, a local wedding planner will be able to help you with bureaucratic hurdles, as well as give you the right tips way before the actual ceremony. So that you can focus on yourselves only and leave planning or any hiccups to someone you can trust.


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider having a destination wedding planner for your wedding in Sicily.

Barbara Gravagna Wedding planner

The destination wedding planner knows the territory inside out

Perhaps your heart is set on a location you have found online, or you fell in love with a place you saw in the movies. That’s a great place to start! A wedding planner in Sicily can make your ideas turn into reality, book the place you want hustle free, or come up with alternative proposals that are a great (or better) fit for you.


Wedding planners are experts of their territory. Once you tell them about your vision, they know exactly what venues might work in your case, maybe even something you won’t actually be able to find online or by yourself. 


They know the region inside out and they have special connections to some of the most extraordinary venues. A wedding planner knows what place best works for the number of guests, for the activities you imagine, and what travel arrangements are involved.

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The destination wedding planner speaks the local language

Besides knowing the territory like the back of their hand, local wedding planners speak the local language. This is immensely helpful when planning your destination wedding, especially in Italy. 


While many people speak English nowadays, you will soon realise that it won’t be easy to speak English everywhere, and Sicily is no exception. Moreover, consider that dealing with bureaucratic stuff or administrative hurdles in a language that you don’t master can be really challenging. A destination planner can support you in all of this, and it’s their job to act as the middleman. They know how to speak to locals, especially in tiny villages, where residents often speak only Sicilian dialects.

The destination wedding planner saves you time

While organising your own wedding may seem thrilling, you may also soon realise that it takes a lot of time. Many couples find it overwhelming, especially when it comes to a destination wedding. 


Planning and organising a wedding cross-borders entails many details that may be easily overlooked. A local wedding planner knows what to look out for or what questions to ask (or they already know the answers in the first place!). They will involve you without overwhelming you. This way, you can save a ton of time and dedicate it to what matters to you!

The destination wedding planner can help you with legal requirements

There are different rules in each country when it comes to rules and customs, and local wedding planners can help you navigate the legal requirements for getting married in Sicily. 


Depending also on what kind of ceremony you want to have, there are different venues that can make it possible. A wedding planner can help you sort this out with the right permits.


You may also need to get different permits depending on your nationalities, for example. You can check a more thorough article about the legal requirements for your destination wedding in Sicily here. 


As a rule of thumb, if you’re having a Catholic celebration, the official ceremony needs to happen in a church. However, you can also have a symbolic ceremony as an addition, and here you can celebrate however you imagine!

The destination wedding planner makes planning hustle free

Picking the right location, contacting local suppliers, making travel arrangements for you and your guests — there are so many details to keep in mind, and these are just to name a few. 


Your wedding should be a joyful, seamless, and exciting event, not just on the day of, but even in the months before that! Leave all the planning, organising and executing to a wedding planner — they will know how to make your day special for you and your loved ones, completely worry free.

Your destination wedding in Sicily with Amuri

Let us help you make your destination wedding a dream! Besides picking a venue and organising the ceremony, there are many aspects to consider when planning a wedding abroad - and we can help you sort out every little detail. We know the market inside out and Sicily has no secrets to us! Let us share them with you - the first consultation is completely free. Get in touch!

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