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Why choose sicily as your wedding destination?

Planning your destination wedding and especially picking the right location can be a difficult task. You may wonder about travel organization, costs, logistics, but before that, choosing where to say “I do” can be confusing. Options are endless!

If you’ve already considered the charme of Italy, there’s one place that might steal your heart for good: ever thought of Italy’s largest island, Sicily?

Getting married is an amazing experience, one filled with joy and love, and we love to celebrate it with you. And for sure the location you pick for your destination wedding also plays a major role. As Sicilians ourselves, we believe that Sicily should be on your list, and we will give you 5 reasons that will make you love this incredible region as much as we do. 

reasons why you should pick Sicily as your wedding destination

Whether you’re planning a big ceremony, an intimate elopement, or a magic proposal, Sicily can be the perfect backdrop to your special day. 

Sicily boasts all kinds of sceneries

Thinking of celebrating in the desert, amidst salt pans, or on a volcano? Everything is possible! Thanks to the incredible variety of natural settings that Sicily has to offer, you can imagine your destination wedding in all kinds of places. Beauty is all around.

Beach destinations are also one of the most sought-after locations. As an island, Sicily has splendid sea locations all over its territory. Imagine the amount of stunning wedding pictures for you to cherish forever!

special geographic location

Sicily is located in the south of Italy and in the very center of the Mediterranean. If you want to explore the surroundings or start your honeymoon right after the wedding, you’re a short trip away from the rest of Italy, Greece, Malta or North Africa. And with an average of 300 days of sun per year, Sicily has also very favourable climate conditions. This means that while no location can guarantee beautiful weather, chances will be high that you’ll be celebrating under a blue sky.

fascinating cultural mix

Sicily has been a crossroads for many cultures throughout history. Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and many others left traces of their passage all over the island, creating a beautiful blend of architecture, art, and folklore. From bustling Palermo in the west to Baroque Noto in the east, popping colors and gorgeous historical buildings are a distinguishing feature of all parts of the island - each in their unique way. Wouldn’t you want to experience this richness in culture and traditions during your special day? From picking a special location to having performances from local artists, you have plenty of choice. 

Food paradise

If you and your spouse are foodies (or would like to offer a great meal to your guests and family), Sicily is renowned for its world-class food. The cultural mix has enhanced the food experience, making Sicilian cuisine a tasteful blend of different flavours. You’ll have plenty of choices for your destination wedding in terms of food, and wine is also becoming more and more important, with well-known white and red wines including Grecanico, Cataratto, Nero D’Avola, Frappato, and many others. 

From street food bonanza to traditional dishes like pasta alla norma, Sicily will satisfy everyone’s palate. 

Great value for money

Last but not least, let’s not forget that Sicily boasts great value for money. Quality is top notch in all aspects while prices stay affordable, especially if compared to other regions in Italy. Hardly any other place can give you such a variety of scenery, art, culture and food and accommodate virtually any budget. Let us help you plan and organize your dream wedding in this stunning location based on your desires and needs - we are here for you!

Planning your destination wedding in Sicily with Amuri

Are you ready to jet off and celebrate the Sicilian way? We’ve got your back.

We’re a team of passionate wedding, retreat, and travel organizers whose only objective is to make sure your celebrations run seamless. 

You will have our full support in organizing big or small ceremonies, elopements, proposals or even treat your guests and family to a relaxing retreat.

We want to hear from you, your desires, and how you imagine your special day to look like. Sicily has plenty to offer and we’d love to share all of this with you!

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime, the first consultation is completely free and non-binding. 

First consultation is on us!

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