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Kyudo - Artemis. The anti bride

Artemis! The anti bride

This shoot is a tribute to all women (mothers or not, wives or not, friends, sisters, lovers...) an invitation to awaken their immense healing and saving energy.

To all those wild women, and with that I mean a powerful psychic force, instinctive and creative and at the same time maternal and loving.

To women, all of them, who have the ability to win without fighting and with love, tenderness, strength and courage are able to achieve anything they desire.

When they will realise that they are endowed with this enormous power,

then humanity will take a step forward.


For this shoot I got  inspired by the Greek mythology and "kyudo" , the Japanese archery.

Artemis, a Greek goddess called "Diana" by the Romans , was the goddess of light, female initiations, the moon, hunting, and archery. A personification of the female warrior spirit, she was immune to falling in love and was never a wife or lover, as she had to remain an undisputed model of integrity and independence.


Artemis therefore represents an icon. A strong woman, a warrior of peace and light.


As a goddess with the bow, the connection to kyudo (lit. 'the way of the bow' in Japanese) is immediate.

Archery, according to Japanese tradition, is not a mere action, but a total experience of the human being. The bow represents life, the arrow the intention and the target the ultimate goal. Only by practising, savouring and appreciating this art, arrow after arrow, with inexhaustible interest and constancy, is it possible to understand its true essence. 

Once again, this is meant to be an invitation to women not to be afraid to show their vulnerability, to try and try again, to take risks in order to finally achieve full awareness of their uniqueness and greatness