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Charlotte & MikeLove is in the details

When I think about Charlotte and Mike’s wedding, the first thing that comes to my mind is the care for details that characterised their wedding from start to finish

A great deal of love and attention went into the realisation of the wedding – both from the couple and Amuri.

The commitment to making the wedding their very own has been extraordinary, and it was a pleasure for me to make sure that everything reflected their vision (and exceeded their expectations!).


The wedding itself was a feast for the eyes and a beautiful way for me to kick off 2023’s wedding season.

Carla Pagano_Tenuta Savoca_Amuri_384.jpg

Special link: Click on the photo above to watch the trailer of the wedding

Honouring Sicilian roots

Charlotte and Mike’s lovestory is a very special one: they have been together since their teenage years and the decision to tie the knot in Sicily was not taken on a whim. Part of Mike’s family comes from Sicily and his grandmother lives in Agrigento. Getting married here meant honouring his origins as well as reconnecting to his family. For Mike, it was like coming home. Charlotte carried a golden, fine necklace with her flower bouquet to honour their grandparents who were sadly not able to attend the wedding. What a wonderful and intimate touch!

Tenuta Savoca:
A dream venue surrounded by nature

I had the pleasure of taking Charlotte and Mike for a location scouting a good year before their wedding. Tenuta Savoca was the third venue we visited and I could see it in their eyes… They fell madly in love with it.


Tenuta Savoca is a family-run venue located in Piazza Armerina, near Enna, an archeological area that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Tenuta Savoca dates back to the 19th century and is an enchanting wedding venue – no wonder it has been included by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the top wedding destinations in Sicily

Set against stunning scenery, the residence hosts an original Borgo. Inside, the manor house is where the owner’s grandmother used to live. Here, time seems to have stopped. There are different rooms, each one dedicated to different experiences, including live cooking or experimenting with traditional and local flavours and tastes. Marco, Tenuta Savoca’s owner, is an architect and likes to collect objects from the past, such as crystal lamps, sofas, jars, ceramic pine cones and more – giving the venue a very sophisticated and nostalgic touch. 


The ceremony took place amidst the forest of eucalyptus trees located right next to the Borgo. Guests were sitting on wooden logs nestled among the trees and everything was beautifully decorated and refined. Seeing Charlotte walking down the aisle was like seeing her walking inside a fairytale! 


Charlotte and Mike chose a soft boho and rustic style, highlighted by dried and fresh flowers, eucalyptus, pampas leaves, overhanging lights, and pillows. The main colour story included terracotta and olive green (more details later), which perfectly harmonised with Tenuta Savoca. All decor was thoughtfully placed and the atmosphere was truly magical.

Charlotte & Mike’s ceremony

Charlotte and Mike’s celebrations started with a welcome party by the pool at a venue nearby the Tenuta. Here, guests were delighted with a light dinner at golden hour, which included typical Sicilian street food specialities such as arancinette, sfincionello, couscous, and pane e panelle.


The wedding ceremony at Tenuta Savoca took place on May 29, 2023, with around 80 guests – a true delight for the town, as they are the first non-Italian citizens to get married there!


During the ceremony at the Tenuta, something unexpected happened: Mike’s best man forgot to bring the rings down from his room, so when Charlotte and Mike were about to exchange their vows, Charlotte’s parents gave theirs to save the moment. As unplanned as it may have been, it all ended on a loving note, becoming an even more wonderful memory for them to cherish!


And as for unexpected events, there’s more: Tenuta Savoca has a special resident who rarely shows himself during events and large gatherings… except this time! The Tenuta’s peacock graced the couple with his presence – an event that is believed to bring good luck to newlyweds. Hooray!

Wedding ceremony decor

Charlotte and Mike’s wedding decor and detailed arrangements were just incredible and I will try my best to describe the outstandingly beautiful setup that was created.

Mise en place and seating at Tenuta Savoca

During the wedding reception, Charlotte and Mike were sitting on two beautiful peacock chairs, while their family and guests sat at imperial and round tables. 


There were three different table decors and settings at the dinner of Charlotte and Michael’s wedding.

Round tables had a flower centrepiece, a white tablecloth, and golden lanterns. Glass underplates and small vases filled with Anthurium flowers, carnations, and roses completed the table setting.

Naked imperial tables had rattan lamps from Morocco hanging over them, alternated by a waterfall of eucalyptus and vintage string lights.


At their table, each guest found a napkin, a shard with their handwritten name, and a dried flower – everything in terracotta and burnt orange hues and in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Charlotte’s favours for their guests included a customised 100ml bottle of olive oil from Tenuta Savoca’s olive trees, a bag filled with Sicilian species, and an aglio e olio pasta recipe. Guests also received a personalised wooden fan with the engraving of Charlotte and Mike’s wedding date and names.


And the most adorable touch? The couple’s dog, Eddie, could not join the wedding, so they put him on the cake as their cake topper!

Wedding style and accessories

Charlotte’s getting ready was intimate and cosy: her mum and bridesmaids helped her put on the veil as well as add the finishing touches before she walked down the aisle. She wore a beautiful white gown with a long train. Soft Hollywood waves completed her bridal look, while her makeup was done by one of her maids of honour.  


Bridesmaids and groomsmen were wearing the colours that characterised the whole wedding: terracotta, green, and white. Special favours for the bridal and groom’s parties included a unique gift for the groomsmen: personalised socks with their names on, worn by the groomsmen during the wedding. Bridesmaids were gifted shawls to wear at night specifically created in the same terracotta hue. 

Seeing these colours all around was incredibly warming and it was such a thoughtful touch by Charlotte and Mike.


So much elegance and attention to detail!

Wedding stationery

All wedding stationery and packaging were designed and produced by Charlotte herself: as a packaging designer, she knew exactly how everything was supposed to look and decided to take on all design tasks. 

The design of the wedding invites included the same majolicas that can be seen at Tenuta Savoca, and rice holders were personalised with Charlotte and Mike’s names. The tableau de mariage was prepared on the Tenuta’s jars with the list of invitees, and the welcome board, drink list and a love note in front of the keyboard of the pianist were designed on a fabric by Charlotte. At the tables, all labels and name tags were also created by her. So inspiring!


I would like to thank Charlotte and Mike for trusting me with their special day. It was an honour for me to assist them and contribute to their vision and I wish them all the best!

Special thanks to:

Salvatore Aiello and Carla Pagano Photographer

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