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What does Elopement mean? The new, modern definition

Nowadays, weddings are not the only way to get married. If you can’t stand the thought of organising a big event in a grandiose location with an endless list of invitees, you might want to elope instead. But what is an elopement and what does in entail? Read on to find out more. 

beautiful couple eloping in Sicily

What is an elopement?

Before, eloping meant running away with your partner from disapproving parents with the intention of getting married secretly. The definition has shifted in modern times, redefining elopement in a new way: foregoing a formal wedding and choosing to have a small celebration instead.

For many people, big weddings are not the right choice. If you prefer a more intimate celebration, perhaps with your partner alone or with a few selected guests, elopement might be what you’re looking for. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on making your day special. You can also keep it as traditional as you’d like. Options are endless!

What are the advantages of an elopement?

If you’re considering eloping instead of having a traditional wedding, you might wonder what are the advantages of making such a choice. We’re going to give you an overview below.

Elopements are all about the couple

Elopements come in many flavors. You might want to have a very intimate union with just the two of you, witnesses and the officiant, or include more people. You might want to include your family members or have a very private union instead. No matter how you choose to celebrate, elopements are all about celebrating you as a couple. Unlike weddings, which are mainly organized as big parties and focus on guest experience, elopements are really based on the couple. It’s your day and no one else’s. 

Eloping means less organizational struggles

Elopements are smaller celebrations than traditional weddings, and typically require less planning and organization. Having fewer people attending makes the search of the venue more practical and all organization aspects are less stressful.  

Moreover, you can focus on inviting whoever you really feel like inviting and doing what you really want to do on your special day. Oftentimes, weddings are big events where extended family and acquaintances are invited. This potentially makes the whole celebration a stressful experience as you feel you need to make everybody happy and enjoy themselves. Elopements allow you to focus on yourselves and design the day just the way you want it to be.

With eloping you focus on the experience

Elopements means celebrating you as a couple and this goes beyond the ceremony itself. This is your day, and you can choose how to celebrate it. Some people choose to travel to a foreign country and celebrate locally, or go on an adventure with their other half to make their day unforgettable. There are plenty of experiences and activities to choose from, no idea is too crazy! If you’re looking for a special destination, Sicily has much to offer and we’d be happy to help you organize your elopement in this magical place. 

Elopements are very customizable

You are free to plan your elopement just as you imagine it. You can have an intimate ceremony in a secluded garden or leave for an unknown destination with your loved ones - the sky’s the limit. The beauty of elopements is that you can customize your day from start to finish, doing the things that make you happy. Unlike traditional weddings, elopements give you free space and imagination to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Elopements don’t require a venue

Do you dream of getting married on the beach, in the mountains, or in the desert? Elopements make it possible. You are free to choose where and when to elope - any kind of scenery counts! You don’t need a specific venue to elope and you don’t have to be in the same place throughout the day. Your day is completely customizable - you can choose what makes you happy.

How do you start planning your elopement?

Although elopements do not require as extensive planning as formal wedding celebrations, there are a few things to consider.

If you’re thinking of eloping in a foreign country or in a special place, you might need to ask for permissions, book the dates in advance, and think of other little organizational details. But the good news is, you are not alone! 


We at Amuri have a vast experience in organizing elopements and it’s a celebration that we love for its uniqueness and intimacy. We can help you sort out all the details - from location scouting to final planning and execution, we have your back!


Sicily boasts incredible places across the island and we will share with you all the best secret spots to make your elopement a truly unforgettable experience.

First consultation is on us!

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