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Emma, Mathew and...Effy.

This is not just a celebration of love but a showcase of high fashion, where every detail spoke of Emma's impeccable taste and the couple's unique style. It was an event that will undoubtedly inspire brides and fashion enthusiasts alike for years to come.


This is the wedding story of Emma and Mathew, a British couple who chose my enchanting island as the backdrop for their most special day.

Emma and Mathew met just before the outbreak of the pandemic.


During the lockdown, they were on holiday in Sicily and were forced to extend their stay. What might have seemed an unforeseen, turned into a unique opportunity: by staying here for a few months, they not only fell madly in love with each other, but also with our beautiful island. It was in Cefalù, among its picturesque streets and crystal clear sea, that Mathew asked Emma to marry him. It was therefore inevitable that they chose to celebrate their marriage in this sunny land that has meant so much to them, marking the beginning of their love story.


Emma, who works in the film industry, could only choose an equally charming and cinematic location for their reception, such as Villa Tasca, which she had repeatedly noticed in ‘The White Lotus’ series. However, their story held another sweet surprise. Just as we were starting to plan the wedding, Emma discovered she was pregnant. Despite the challenges and joys of carrying a pregnancy while planning a wedding, they decided to continue living their love dream of a destination wedding in Sicily.


Emma and Mathew's wedding, enriched by the beauty and sweetness of their little Effy, 8 months old on their wedding day, was a celebration of love, family and Sicily. Effy, the wonderful result of their great love, made the day even more special.

Wedding Weekend

For Emma and Mathew, their wedding was not just a celebration, but an unforgettable experience that spanned three enchanting days in the heart of Palermo.


3 days celebration

Emma and Mathew's Palermo wedding was a masterclass in combining tradition and modernity,

elegance and ease, capturing the essence of their love story in every moment.


The festivities began with a casual urban-style welcome drink at "Ferramenta," an old hardware store transformed into a cozy pub. Here, in the vibrant center of the city, the couple seamlessly blended timeless elegance with modern flair, setting the perfect tone for the weekend.

The next day, the wedding unfolded at the iconic Villa Tasca, a stunning villa immortalised in the White Lotus series. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this piece of paradise offered a serene escape from Palermo's bustling streets. The villa's grandeur and natural beauty provided a breathtaking backdrop for Emma and Mathew's vows, making their special day even more magical.

The celebration concluded with a beach day and recovery party at Nautoscopio, one of Emma and Mathew's favorite spots in Palermo. Exclusively reserved for their loved ones, this hidden gem offered a cozy, relaxing day by the sea, all while remaining in the historical heart of the city. Surrounded by the gentle waves and warm sun, guests revealed in the perfect blend of leisure and intimacy, marking the end of a truly remarkable wedding weekend.

pupi editorial shooting-amuri wedding planner.png
pupi editorial shooting-amuri wedding planner_2.png

Wedding Design

Stylistically speaking, our goal was to transform Villa Tasca into a vibrant and contemporary venue, breaking with the tradition of monochromatic and classic arrangements.


We chose light but bold colours, with accents in shades of yellow and peach, and used natural elements such as fresh seasonal fruit. Vintage lighting created an intimate atmosphere, as if it were a private garden party, with an unmistakable Italian flavour.


The evening ended with a retro party, accompanied by 80s and 90s music and an hour of indie disco, which kept guests dancing until 2am in the Villa Tasca billiard room.

Pupi editorial shooting_sicily-amuri wedding planner-250.jpg
Pupi editorial shooting_sicily-amuri wedding planner-125.jpg
Pupi editorial shooting_sicily-amuri wedding planner-376.jpg
Pupi editorial shooting_sicily-amuri wedding planner-239.jpg

Bridal Look

Emma and Matthew's wedding was a breathtaking fusion of timeless elegance and modern flair, an event destined to be immortalised in the pages of Vogue.


Emma, the epitome of contemporary bridal sophistication, graced the aisle in a stunning gown by the illustrious Savannah Miller. The dress, a masterpiece of high-shine satin, showcased Miller's signature low-cut cowl front and a meticulously draped bodice adorned with delicate ‘flutter-ends,’ embodying the quintessential Savannah Miller aesthetic.

The skirt, cut on the half circle, flowed with ease over Emma's hips, its deep side split offering a tantalising glimpse of a perfectly flattering silhouette. A small puddle train trailed behind her, adding a touch of regal grandeur. The gown's dramatic low V-back, accentuated with interchangeable diamante crossed straps and satin spaghetti straps, was a vision of understated glamour.


Emma's look was further enhanced by her mother's cherished jewellery, a graceful shoulder veil, and chic Sezane shoes, all infused with the alluring essence of Victoria Beckham perfume.


As the evening transitioned from ceremony to celebration, Emma dazzled once more in a short, retro-inspired dress by The Frankie Shop, adorned with shimmering paillettes—a perfect choice for a night of joyous revelry.

 A showcase

of high fashion, where every detail spoke of the couple's unique style and their love!

Pupi editorial shooting_sicily-amuri wedding planner-196.jpg
Pupi editorial shooting_sicily-amuri wedding planner-241.jpg

Special thanks to:

Photographer Valeria Pitarresi;  Flower designer Paolo Papa Eventi; Bridal dress Sarah Muller

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